The Real Estate Classified Ads Network.



Welcome to YOUconnections the newest real estate marketplace! This great new community of websites is focused on buyers, brokers and sellers!


FINALLY it is here! THE PLACE for realtors, buyers, sellers and others in the real estate industry to have a marketplace void of crazy high prices and a sea of politics and red tape! This marketplace is where you can post your properties and property needs as many times as you like and where you can post and keep any details public or private in your ads giving you complete and easy control over your postings. This network is a fantastic way for you to generate potential business minus all the headaches and hassles of having to sign up for subscriptions and paying exorbitant monthly dues. 
We offer multiple sites for you to post on and feel free to join them all. 

The fee for a premium ad is only 3 dollars currently per ad this is special as for this new network's grand opening. It is free to post a basic ad for now as well. By selecting to purchase a premium ad you get placed on top of the searches for that property on the website you post your ad on. 
You get tremendous opportunity to grow your business,earn potential additional revenue and get global exposure! We have created this realty marketplace for you and with your profit in mind and helping you to expand and grow your business. 
These websites in our network are simple to use no advanced technical knowledge needed to join, they are straightforward and easy to use and to post your ad on. If you are like us, we got sick and tired of paying crazy membership fees to join various networks and realty sites only to get hit with more regulations and red tape, then this network, YOUconnections is for you.  Please join any website you like and get your business going and growing ,we welcome you.
Thank you,




We welcome you to advertise and join any of our real estate websites, this is our real estate marketplace for buyers, brokers and sellers to advertise in! We offer multiple websites to give your property more exposure. 

Each site is for buyers, brokers and sellers of real estate and you can advertise your property for rent or for sale on each website! Our focus is real estate.

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