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7500000.00 $US
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new york, New York

Price: 7500000.00 $US

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West 179th Street for sale. The property is a 33′ wide 4-unit three story commercial building which is under renovation. The basement is below grade and built full, there is also a elevator shaft where the elevator will be installed. The property is being sold with approve plans which will add an extension to the back of the first and second floors and add another floor.

Located off Broadway the building has great commercial and residential exposure. Broadway has all the fine retail stores like Marshall’s Department Store, all the fast food restaurants, Spanish & Cuban restaurants. West 179th Street has mostly apartment and mixed-use buildings. The property is a great development and user opportunity. The zoning allows the property to be a mixed-use or community facility building.




North side of West 179th Street Broadway and Wadsworth Avenue

33′ x 100′
Basement:———33′ x 100′ = 3,300
First Floor:———33′ x –45′ = 1,485
Second Floor: —-33′ x –45′ = 1,485
Third Floor:——–33′ x –45′ = 1,485——
Three (3) plus full basement
7,755 approximately (Includes Basement)
R7-2 (3.44) with a C1-4 Overlay (2.0) (CF (6.5) 11,352


A 33’ wide 4-uint three story commercial building, all the floors including the basement are floor-through commercial units. The basement is below grade with a front staircase that gives access to it. The property has approve plans for a 10,800 square feet building. There will be another floor added and the first and second floors will have an extension at the back. The property is 90’ off Broadway and in walking distance to the A train.

The property has been completely gutted, only the beautiful brown brick facade has remained. The building is a mixture of concrete and steel. The floors and stairs are steel with poured concrete on top. There is an elevator shaft located to the front, when it’s installed it will open to each floor. The basement is built full which creates 1,815 square feet of outdoor space for the first floor. The foundation is new. When the renovation is complete all the floors will get great sunlight.

The building is a prime development opportunity; the zoning allows many possibilities. The property can be a mixed-use building, the basement and first floor can be commercial and the upper floors can be residential rental or condo apartments. The property can be an apartment building with all residential units and no commercial units. The property would also make a good community facility like a doctor’s office, neighborhood center, or adult care center.

The property is also a great user opportunity; a user can use the whole building for their business. A community center user can use the basement to teach the public how to use computers and the internet. The first floor can be used for work programs and how to do plumbing and electrical work. The second floor health programs, how to eat healthy and stay in shape. The third floor can be used for after school programs.

The property is being sold in as is condition  and the buyer must finish it to meet their needs.

ASKING PRICE: $7,500,000


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7500000.00 $US
Published on
new york, New York

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